New in Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Season 8 has begun, and ALL the things have changed! There's a lot of new things to get used to before Fornite season 8 ends, so lets take a look at the big changes and tweaks this Fortnite season 8 has brought us

Fortnite Pirate

Pirate Theme


Fortnite Season 8 has a very distinctive pirate theme to it led by that new progressive Blackhart skin, Pirate ships, and a volcano. But that’s just the tip of the the presumably melted iceberg. So lets's take a look at the biggest changes you need to know about in Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Map

Big map changes


he entire top right corner of the new Fortnite Season 8 map has had a redesign. Walling woods has been replaced with Sunny Steps, a new temple area and Lazy Lagoon has taken over what used to be Lazy links complete with pirate ship.

Fortnite Cannons

Pirate Cannons


The new cannons can be found dotted around the map and on board the Pirate ship in Lazy Lagoon. They can be pushed into new positions to help aim them and you either fire cannon balls or other players - jumping in the cannon turns you into a wrecking ball allowing you to damage any enemy structures you hit.

Fortnite Lava

Lava and Volcanic Vents

Map Detail

The lava flowing out of the new volcano will deal 1 damage per touch and cause you to bounce off the surface, so watch out for that. You’ll also find new Volcanic Vents around the map. These redeploy you with a gust of hot air, allowing you to use your glider again and use them as permanent launch pads for you and your squad.

Fornite Planes

Fortnite planes vaulted

Map Detail

First introduced in season 7, planes have now been vaulted for Fortnite Season 8. The Sneaky Snowman, Chiller Grenade, Shopping Cart and All Terrain Kart have also been moved to the vault for the time being. As with everything, though, vaulting an item doesn’t mean it’s gone for good, so we could see any of these make a return either in regular modes or as an LMT. .

Fortnite Party Assist

Party Assist


You can now enable a Party Assist feature for challenges to help you complete it with the assistance of everyone in your party. So if someone in your squad gets a headshot as part as a challenge, you all get it ticked off.

Fornite Gold Chests

Gold Chests

Map Theme

If normal chests wasn’t enough for you, we now have ‘the one chest to rule them all’. This is the rarest chest of the match and at the moment it seems to be only located in the block.

Fortnite Ping System

Ping System


Named both for its similarity in appearance to the classic ionizing radiation trefoil warning symbol and the cubic inches of material.

Fortnite Vans


Map Detail

In the replay mode you can find these mysterious vans parked at every named location around the map. At the moment it's a bug and they're not in the actual game.

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Fortnite Season 9 Release Date, Map and Theme changes

Fortnite Season 9 Release Date, Map and Theme changes

Fortnite Season 6 has ran throughout all winter and fall, and Fortnite Season 7 has ran in winter 2018. So we know that Fortnite Season 8 will bring us different things for spring 2019 and evolve over time.

Late in Fortnite Season 7 Earthquakes was evolved in erupting volcano at the start of Fortnite Season 8 and reshaped parts of the Island map.

What we know about Fortnite Season 9 start date, themes and map changes?

Make sure that you check our content constantly because we'll update it with new theories and any relevant info about upcoming new Fortnite Season 9.

When we expect that Fortnite Season 8 ends

Looking into official in-game Season countdown, Fortnite Season 8 will end on Wednesday, May 8. That's would make that Fortntite Season 8 was 69 days long, and we think it is very short.

Season 7 in Fortnite was the longest season, was last for 84 days. And Fortnite Season 6 was shortet and lasted around 70 days. Season 5 lasted about 78 days and Fortnite Season 4 was 73 days long. An average of all Seasons was about 76 days.

Looking into current schedule, Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 will start on May 2, leaving us 6 days to complete weekly challenges. And we think that is too short and it will not happen. Season 8 will propably get an several days as we're getting closer to the Season end.

When Fortnite Season 9 begins?

Transition between Fortnite Season Seven and Season Eight was seamless, according to that we can expect that to hepen between Season 8 and upcoming Season 9. Actual Season 9 will obiously depend on Season 8 ends, and when Epic Games choose it to end.

We don't know official Release Date of Fortnite Season 9 until Epic Games begins realising some teaser images and videos with text on Twitter with hints about new Fortnite Season 9 skins and themes. That usually begins 3 or 4 days before new Season begins.

Fortnite Season 9 Theme, do we know it?

Fortnite themes are best things in whole game, and usually they take the form of teaser line. We saw themes like "Darkness rises" in Fortnite Season 6, that lead to Fortnitemares. Then we saw "You better watch out" theme in Season 7 and that led to the Christmas invasion and arrival of Ice King. We're experienced "X marks the spot" in Fortnite Season 8, that was war for treasure between pirates, fire-dragon ninjas and Ice King hordes.

As we write, it's too early to tell anything about Fortnite Season 9 theme, and we can't know anything about how upcoming weeks might reshape Fortnite map to make new theme for Season 9.

How much Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass will cost?

Fortnite is Free to play but player that want to access to the premium Battle Pass and all challenges they must buy it for 950 V Bucks. That is about $9.50, but all players must have to buy bundle of V Bucks that costs 9.99$ for 1000 V Bucks. Or they can get it free via Fortnite Battle Pass generators and Free Fortnite V Bucks generators.